Atlantic City Wedding Officiants

A fundamental component of the wedding ceremony is the officiant you choose to handle the duties of ordaining the marriage. This stage can sometimes be fairly simple, and more often for more people it is a challenge. The imperative quality of this aspect is due to the fact that officiants possess so much influence over the tone of the proceedings of the wedding. Atlantic City has plenty of options in regards to officiants. We have provided you with a guide that should serve to make this process go smoother.

The wedding laws in the state of New Jersey are pretty simple, but some counties have their own nuances, so it is worth it to delve further into the laws of each county. In New Jersey, most political or civil officials such as mayors, judges, and county clerks can ordain ceremonies. Any minister from any religious group can marry as well, but certain counties require a letter of good standing, proof of ordination, or a minister's license.

If you are having a religious wedding, this may be the more straightforward aspect of this stage, because you may have a clergyman or woman in mind to be your officiant from the house of worship you may have been attending since you were young. If this is not the case, there really is no reason to fret, because the solution is to look up houses of worship in your area that share and promote the same denominational beliefs that you have, or are at least close enough to them. Once you find a handful of good churches, you should set up an appointment with the head cleric, and see if the location is available on the date of your wedding. During the interviews, you ought to get a feel for the officiant's personality and foresee if you will be comfortable with them handling the task, get a scope of the location to see if it matches your vision, and ask about the specific religious rules for marriage ceremonies for that house of worship. It is wise to go online via wedding directory websites, and search for officiants in your area that are highly rated. These websites are great sources of information on all sorts of wedding vendors, from officiants to caterers, and provide users with details on pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, videos, and more! You should focus on the officiants that are closest to the location of your wedding—call them up to see if they are available on the big day, and schedule appointments with the ones that are. It is all about being comfortable with this person, and foreseeing if they will handle the duties to your expectations. If you do not click with any particular candidate, it is suggested that you avoid them.

The other option is choosing a close friend or family member, this is steadily gaining popularity in the modern era, thanks in part to how easy it is to obtain an officiant status via your government or the Universal Church of Life via the internet. It is not surprising either as it is difficult for a stranger to gain the level of trust and comfort that you already have established with your friend or loved one. Being an officiant might not be as easy as it seems, especially if you have high expectations for your wedding. Be sure that you relay these expectations to the person you ultimately choose to be your officiant. Having a friend or a loved one be your officiant has the potential to add a unique sense of charm to your wedding, but just make sure they are absolutely capable and comfortable with handling the duties. You can obtain a Letter of Good Standing through the Universal Life Church, too.

Remember to trust your instincts, and do not force yourself into hiring a candidate for any particular reason if it so happens that you are not completely comfortable with them. Take your time, and deliberate with your partner over who will be the best fit for the job. Good luck!